LSA Radar App

Android Collision Avoidance System

Radar2 is an Android app that can be used while flying on ultralight or microlight aircraft (LSA with or without engine, three-axle, hang gliders, paragliders, etc.) and provides real-time information on the position and trajectory of others aircraft operating in the surrounding airspace and using the same application or compatible systems. The app is equipped with automatic detection of potential mid-air collisions (ACAS) with voice alerts that warn of impending dangerous events. This feature can also remain active in the background while using other apps during the flight.

The app uses the GPS and internet connection (3G, 4G or 5G) of the device for its operation. It connects to the Open Glider Network (OGN community project) to exchange position data with other aircraft that use the same Radar2 app or interoperable systems (FLARM, OGN Trackers, etc.).

Using the app allows the aircraft to be tracked on a map on authorized remote sites and terminals (PCs, Smartphones or Avionics devices). See the About page for more information on the current version. See the Radar2 Map page for real-time report of aircraft positions.

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