Real-time tracking map

Click on the side map to open the tracking page with real-time (no delay) aircraft positions.

The map highlights the airports (with runway length and radio frequency) and current weather conditions (clouds, rain and snow in different colors).

The map shows information about the aircraft tracked by the OGN network and also adds the data coming directly from the Test circuit of the Radar2 apps (test provider). Even if the data from the two different sources are seen together on the map, they do not interact with each other, in fact the data of the test circuit are not displayed in the apps connected with the real OGN provider and the real OGN data are not displayed in the apps connected with the test provider.

The positions of the Radar2 apps that refer to the test provider, and that have not set a name for the test "room", are presented on the main page of the map, those that have set up a private "room" are visible only if you know the name of the room to specify in the map.

The map page also provides a search function for an aircraft if its OGN Callsign is known (eg. ICA012345, FLR123456, etc.)

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The data sent to the Radar2 test circuit are not collected on the server (after a few minutes they disappear from the service cache) but are only offered for viewing in real time.