The Radar2 app is still in preliminary distribution. It is available for free download for pilots who request the access password via email.

The app can be used anonymously or by entering the ICAO or OGN hexadecimal code of your aircraft (for OGN registrations go to When the app is used anonymously, the transmitted data are not considered reliable by the OGN network but will still be visible to Radar2 apps and sites that provide for the display of anonymous aircraft (i.e., or Radar2 Map page).

A detailed description of the app's features is given in the Instructions for Use and Terms and Conditions documents (available from the app menu).

Currently the app does not use a dedicated radio module to connect to the air traffic network but relies on GSM coverage for its operation. Interoperability with other collision avoidance systems can also be extended by using an AGW Ground Station.

Suggestions and reports of any bugs will be welcome, please specify the context, type of smartphone, and type of aircraft used when submitting them

Please, do not post negative ratings during the preliminary distribution period but communicate your observations via email to be evaluated or corrected.


Users who do not intend to use the app for aeronautical purposes can test it within the "test circuit" by selecting the "Radar2 test" traffic provider (see the Map page for test circuit and "private rooms"). The use of the app in the test circuit  or in "receive only" mode is free and does not need a password.