The Radar2 app is still in preliminary distribution, therefore it has some limitations.

Pending the release of the first final version, the app is available for testing and consolidation. The preliminary version can be downloaded for free by pilot users who request the login password via email. In the current version, the users of the app are anonymous and not verified so the transmitted data are not considered reliable by the OGN network but will still be visible for the Radar2 apps and for sites that provide for the display of anonymous aircraft (i.e., or Radar2 Map page).

The use of the app in the "test circuit" (see the Map page) or only for reception is free (and does not need a password). The use of the test circuit and "private rooms" is a simple and efficient way to track vehicles and to verify their spacing (e.g. during an amateur rally).

Currently the app does not use a dedicated radio module to connect to the air traffic network but relies on GSM coverage for its operation.

Interoperability with other collision avoidance systems can also be extended by using an AGW Ground Station.

During the testing period of the app, before the final release, suggestions and reports of any bugs will be welcome, specifying the context, the type of smartphone and the type of aircraft used. 

For example:

- Need to use altitude correction.

- Values of the most suitable parameters for the anti-collision function.

- Anomalies in the information or values reported in the app.

- Etc.

Please, do not post negative ratings during the preliminary distribution period but communicate your observations via email to be evaluated or corrected.

App Privacy Policy

Radar2 is an app aimed exclusively at pilots of ultralight aircraft, it shares the GPS position with other pilots and air traffic tracking sites. The reference to the pilot or aircraft (for unconfirmed users of the current version of the app) is anonymous and different for each flight session.

The app does not collect any personal data for itself, the position information is sent to the network of the selected air traffic provider and can be stored by it for an indefinite time.

The app uses the Android "Precise" Location permission for its main features.
To use the app in the background, grant the "Always" location permission when prompted (or set it in the Android app configuration).

Site Privacy Policy

The site uses the host infrastructure's own cookies (more information here).

The data sent to the Radar2 test circuit are not collected on the server (after a few minutes they disappear from the service cache) but are only offered for viewing in real time.