About Radar2

The Radar2 app and related software components were born as a response to a need expressed by some pilot friends. The app was not made for work but for passion. It was developed quickly and immediately proved to be functional and effective. 

The authors, already passionate about flight and aeronautical themes, have simply applied the engineering knowledge and experience gained in the development of complex software systems.

Radar2 was not created to be a business product and does not claim to be captivating or social, but it has the characteristics and the ambition to represent a valid tool, with solid engineering foundations, for the assistance and safety of non-commercial flights.

About the authors

Our experience

We have been working in the transportation engineering field for over 20 years, addressing a wide variety of challenges and issues related to this ever-changing industry. We have been involved in large projects, collaborating with companies and institutions for the development of innovative solutions in the field of mobility and transport.

We closely follow the emerging trends in the IT sector and strive to apply them to streamline and improve the solutions adopted in our projects.

Other projects and interests

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