Privacy Policy

Radar2 is an app aimed mainly at pilots of light or ultralight aircraft, it shares the device location with other pilots and air traffic tracking sites. The GPS location of the device is used to know the trajectory of your aircraft and recognize potential danger situations to increase flight safety.

The reference to the pilot or aircraft is anonymous and different for each flight session using the "anonymous" identification option, on the other hand, by enabling the Icao or Ogn option, the aircraft hexadecimal code (not username or other personal data) will be broadcast with the position.

The app does not collect any personal data for itself, the position information is sent to the network of the selected air traffic provider and can be stored by it for an indefinite time.

The app uses the Android "Precise" location permission for its main features (anti-collision). To use the app in the background (while using other navigation apps or when service is on and the screen is off), grant the "All the time" location permission when prompted (or set it in the Android app configuration), without this permission the app will only work in the foreground.

On new devices, to receive notification on the screen’s status bar that the app is running in the background, you need to grant "push notifications" permission.

For any clarification on the privacy policy of Radar2 app send an email to: 

Last update of this information: 2024-01-20.

This information can also be viewed within the app, at the bottom of the page in the "Terms and Conditions" menu.